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Cracking the Code on Tank Lancelot: Wisdom from the Ultimate Lancelot Master

If you’ve been curious about the whole tank Lancelot craze in Mobile Legends, especially with everyone talking about it in ranked and pro play, let’s take a peek into the mind of the best Lancelot player ever, Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno. He’s got some thoughts on why tank Lancelot can be a bit bothersome.

Lancelot: The Super Stealthy Assassin

Alright, so you know Lancelot, right? The dude who’s like the ninja of Mobile Legends – super sneaky and packs a punch. Pros love him because he’s got the perfect combo – he’s crazy fast and can dish out some serious damage. No wonder everyone’s been picking him for ages.

The Twist in the Tale: Tank Lancelot

But hold up, what’s this deal with tank Lancelot suddenly becoming a big thing? With everyone going all tanky in the jungler scene, out pops a surprise player – tank Lancelot. This funky style of playing Lancelot took over Season 11 like a storm, showing up in almost every game.

KarlTzy Talks: The Annoyance Factor

Now, enter KarlTzy, the grandmaster of Lancelot moves. Back in Season 11, when tank Lancelot was all the rage, KarlTzy faced the press after a match, and they popped the big question – what’s his take on this new trend?

And guess what? KarlTzy spilled the beans on what he thinks.

KarlTzy’s Take on Tank Lancelot

When they asked KarlTzy about tank Lancelot, he didn’t sugarcoat it. He said it’s a bit annoying, and here’s why.

Speed Matters: The Heart of Lancelot

KarlTzy pointed out that what makes Lancelot, well, Lancelot is his crazy speed. The guy can zip around the battlefield, catch enemies by surprise, and dish out damage like nobody’s business. But guess what happens with tank Lancelot? That speedy style takes a hit.

Big Damage vs. Big Toughness

One reason KarlTzy wasn’t a fan is because Lancelot usually brings in big damage. Now, with tank Lancelot, he’s all about being tougher rather than dealing heavy hits. KarlTzy, being a pro at Lancelot’s damage game, found this change a bit strange.

Adapting to the Game: Challenges and Irritations

KarlTzy gets it – Mobile Legends is always changing. But when Lancelot took over, it brought its own set of challenges and, yep, annoyances. Being a tank means you play the game differently, and that clashes with Lancelot’s usual hit-and-run style.

The Final Verdict: Annoying, but it Works

Even though KarlTzy found it annoying, he admitted that Lancelot can be pretty effective in the right hands. It’s like a whole new strategy, a bit different from what everyone’s used to, but when someone knows how to do it right, it can catch opponents off guard. KarlTzy said you gotta understand and master this new way of playing to see its true power.

Closing Thoughts: Lancelot’s Evolution

As the game keeps changing, and players try out all sorts of tricks, KarlTzy’s annoyance with Lancelot shows how Mobile Legends is always on the move. It’s a game where even the best players have to roll with unexpected changes.

So, there you have it – the scoop on why the world’s best Lancelot player finds tank Lancelot a bit annoying. It’s all part of the ever-changing fun in Mobile Legends, keeping players and fans on their toes!